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Storytelling and Grantwriting

I was teaching a class last night on writing foundation proposals, and I made the statement that the most successful proposals tell a really good story.  How can you find your organization’s story? Read more

Engaging Corporate Support

I just read a very interesting article in Philanthropy Journal that outlined some new paradigms for nonprofits seeking corporate support.   Read more

Using Outcomes Measures to Improve Your Grant Proposals

A recent article from Advancing Philanthropy suggests that incorporating outcomes measures into your funding proposals can show potential grantors exactly what your organization plans to do with the funds.  Read more

Why Measure Outcomes?

I gave a talk the other night to a local nonprofit umbrella group and spent some time talking about outcomes.   I was surprised at the number of attendees who were not aware of the importance of outcomes measures to the accomplishment of their vision.

Outcome measurement has become one of the most important activities that nonprofit service organizations undertake. There are several compelling reasons to measure outcomes: Read more

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