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Foundation Funding to Educate, Train, and Expand the Health Professions Workforce

With implementation of the Affordable Care Act moving forward, one of the major challenges confronting US health care is determining how many health professionals will be needed, especially in primary care, to treat those who will be newly insured in 2014. Separately, as has been well documented by the John A. Hartford Foundation and others, millions of baby boomers are reaching their sixties, and many will need care by professionals well versed in geriatric care. Read more

College Financing: Do’s and Dont’s for Maximizing Student Financial Aid (Part II)

Is a college education still the American Dream?  And if so, how much does it cost to pursue that dream?

In part II of this blog post, Rick Shaffer--our resident financial guru and guest blogger–offers some ways to avoid missteps that might hamper your efforts to obtain college financing.  
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College Financing: Do’s and Dont’s for Maximizing Student Financial Aid (Part I)

Here at JSA Consultants, we like to offer common-sense, cutting-edge information regarding topical issues of the day.  We blog a great deal about issues related to higher education, but we rarely talk about the ‘elephant in the room’–how most American families can PAY for college without depleting their retirement accounts or taking out additional mortgages.

We’ve asked Rick Shaffer, a nationally renowned expert regarding all things financial, to offer up some advice to help you navigate the financial aid waters.  In Part 1 of the post, Rick covers things you can and should do to optimize your financial aid package; in Part 2, he’ll talk about the things to avoid.   Read more

Using LinkedIn to Reach Prospective Donors

Originally published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

To get the full benefit of LinkedIn for reaching prospective donors and board members, fundraisers need to be able to count on all of the people in their network, Anthony Pisapia told participants at a recent Nonprofit Technology Conference. Sometimes that means turning down invitations to connect—an idea that doesn’t come easily for fundraisers. Read more

Storytelling and Grantwriting

I was teaching a class last night on writing foundation proposals, and I made the statement that the most successful proposals tell a really good story.  How can you find your organization’s story? Read more

Stanford University first to raise $1 billion….

Stanford University has become the first university to raise $1 billion in a single year.  They did it in 2012, ahead of Harvard, Yale, USC, and Colombia, in that order, of the .  In FY 2012, roughly 3,500 U.S. colleges and universities raised $31 billion, 2.3 percent more than 2011.  What I found amazing was that the top 10 fundraising colleges collected $5.3 billion, or 17 percent, of the $31 billion, even though they represent only 0.3 percent of the 3,500 accredited, nonprofit schools included in the survey.  You can read the entire article here.

“After the Yes!”

As a fundraiser, you’re probably focusing on “the ask”: how to frame your request in the most compelling, inspiring way. Without a doubt, a strong ask is one of the keys to successful fundraising – but then what? When you hear the words, “Yes, I’d like to help,” how do you respond?

Be grateful and enthusiastic. Show your heartfelt appreciation. Talk about how the gift will make a difference. Then it’s time for the “after questions.”  Many thanks to the folks at Grassroots Fundraising Journal for originally posting this.   Read more

Using Outcomes Measures to Improve Your Grant Proposals

A recent article from Advancing Philanthropy suggests that incorporating outcomes measures into your funding proposals can show potential grantors exactly what your organization plans to do with the funds.  Read more

Grantmakers Aren’t Immune from Economic Woes

Grantmakers are suffering in this economy, too.  Many report cutbacks in their assets, and consequently, their budgets.  Others report reductions in staffing and spending, which impacts how they make decisions about which programs to fund. Read more

Charity Navigator Refines Methodology for Rating Charities

Charity Navigator has updated its methodology for rating charities.  Instead of the 1-dimension tool that formerly rated only a charity’s financial health, a second dimension has been added to each rating. Read more

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