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Developing Your Nonprofit Staff

Nonprofits must get the most out of their people and developing leadership and management talent is a critical piece of the equation. “Good leaders motivate individuals to give their best, but great ones also figure out how to develop their people to their full capabilities—so they can and will give even more,” explained Bridgespan Group Partner Kirk Kramer, in a recent interview. However, offering development opportunities can be challenging for many nonprofit organizations. In fact, in a Bridgespan Group survey, nonprofits ranked their ability to provide development and growth opportunities to employees as their fourth greatest management weakness overall. Read more

Social Media for a Better World?

I just read a new report by the Bridgespan Group, which suggests the social media strategies may add more cost than benefit to small nonprofits.  In Tweeting for a Better World, Bridgespan suggests that many nonprofits are failing to think through their strategy, define their target audience, match online tactics to real world goals, or consider how they might measure success and learn from failure. Read more

When Volunteerism Meets the Workforce

Many companies have employee volunteer programs, but lapses in the economy have left many of these programs underfunded, underdeveloped and underutilized.  I would argue that building a culture of volunteerism among your staff can promote an engagement in the workplace and a greater commitment to the organization.

Read more

Volunteering in Your Jammies?

The new Web-based platform Sparked is using the tagline “Online volunteering for busy people,” encouraging busy professionals to volunteer for the causes they care about right from their computer.  Read more

Due Diligence

I recently gave a lecture at a seminar series sponsored by my alma mater.  The topic was “A Guide for Potential Board Members:  Due Diligence.”  The room was overflowing with folks eager to learn more about the benefits of serving on a board and the benefits that they could bring to a given nonprofit.   I typically poll the audience informally before I start my presentation, and was very surprised to learn that most of the them had given very little thought as to what the nonprofit should bring to them. Read more

Volunteer: Give the Gift You’ve Been Given

In this season of giving and receiving, consider your New Year’s Resolutions to volunteer your professional services over the coming year.   Read more

‘Tis the Season…To Acknowledge the Hungry

Last year, 17.2 million households in the United States were food insecure, the highest level on record, as the Great Recession continued to wreak havoc on families across the country. Of those 17.2 million households, 3.9 million included children.  Here’s a look at hunger in America, as millions of Americans struggle to get enough to eat in the wake of the economic crisis: Read more

Volunteers aren’t paid…

because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless!  While we’d all like to acknowledge our volunteers financially, most nonprofits don’t have the resources to do so. Here are some low-cost tips to recognize and respect your volunteers’ time and effort.  Read more

Today is National Philanthropy Day (Nov 15th)

What makes philanthropy so special is that no one is required to give of themselves. There are no national laws or regulations which mandate that you must volunteer or get involved. Philanthropy is so powerful and inspiring precisely because it is voluntary—that through the goodness of our hearts, through our need to connect, through our desire to see a better world, we come together to improve the quality of life for all people. Read more

The Health Benefits of Volunteerism

“I”m too busy to volunteer.”   “I’ve got too many other things to do.”  But what if volunteering was actually good for your health? Read more

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