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Health Insurers Fall Flat with Information Websites

ForeSee, a customer analytics firm, has released its fourth annual healthcare benchmark.  The new survey shows that according to consumers, health insurance websites vastly underperform other kinds of healthcare sites.  Health insurance companies received an aggregate satisfaction score of 51 on the report’s 100-point scale, placing the industry far behind other healthcare categories measured in the benchmark, including health information websites (78) and hospital and health system websites (78). In fact, health insurance is among the lowest of the nearly 100 benchmark categories that ForeSee tracks. Only websites for cable companies, telephone utilities, and cell phone companies have aggregate scores lower than health insurance companies.

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What’s in this “Box”?

In my last  four consulting engagements, I’ve been asked to help my client  ”Think out of the box.”   So we did.  We abandoned the old and ushered in something different–which was a successful strategy in all four cases.   But now I think I may have been too cavalier; had I approached this more thoughtfully, we may have been even more successful!

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Profit vs. the Public Good

Kudos to our friends in California for banning young people under the age of 18 from tanning salons.   With today’s early release of CDC data reinforcing that melanoma is the third most common cancer in adolescents and the fact that intentional sun exposure is the most preventable risk factor, I applaud the California legislature for their forward thinking.   Read more

Blogging, Linked-in, Facebook? Oh my!

I’m finally able to define social media–

“Social media is the process of people using online tools and platforms to share content and information through conversation and communication.”

Sounds like a perfect vehicle for healthcare organizations!

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High-tech college admissions?

At the annual conference of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, a panel of high school seniors and college freshmen told counselors they didn’t want a tweet or text from a college, preferring a good old-fashioned phone call. Read more

Helping Patients Make Sense of Cancer Treatment Options

For some healthcare providers, communicating with patients can be a challenge in and of itself.  And presenting bad news or complicated treatment options makes that challenge even more difficult. Read more

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