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Future brings huge demand for international education

The number of students around the globe enrolled in higher education is forecast to more than double to 262 million by 2025. Nearly all of this growth will be in the developing world, with more than half in China and India alone. The number of students seeking study abroad could rise to eight million – nearly three times more than today. Read more

Born with a Tablet in Their Mouths?

Parents aren’t cutting back on “screen time” for their youngsters, despite warnings from educators, the American Academy of Pediatrics and child psychologists that too much time in front of a screen impedes kids’ physical activity, problem-solving ability, and emotional growth. Read more

Tracking Trends in Classroom Technology Innovations

As a library ‘geek,’ I worry about whether school and public libraries will disappear, leaving us only with computers, tablets, and e-readers to fill the gap.   Disclaimer:  I own–and use–all of the afore-mentioned devices but still visit my public library weekly to pick up a video, check out some old maps, or simply to chat with the reference librarian about new search engines.  I know–I need a life!

Therefore, I was quite interested in some buzz from the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Project, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.   Last week the project convened experts to to discuss the most important technology innovations of the last decade, and their findings suggest the classroom of the future will be open, mobile, and flexible enough to reach individual students—while free online tools will challenge the authority of traditional institutions. Read more

A New (Free!) Tool to Assess Your School’s Technology Standing

With technology evolving at an astronomical rate, it’s not easy for school officials to keep up with the latest and greatest ed tech trends. This tool can help — and it won’t cost your school a dime!

The EdTech Locator is an online tool that helps schools assess their current ed tech standing, formulate an ed tech integration goal and achieve that goal by listing available resources.

Website visitors start by choosing the assessment that relates to their role in education:

  • teacher
  • administrator
  • tech coordinator, or
  • professional development coordinator.

The locator is broken out into three levels of technology implementation: early, developing and target.

After determining their school’s level of ed tech integration, school officials can click on the related resources tab to find additional tools that can help achieve their ed tech plans.

Do you know of any other tools to evaluate where you stand, technology-wise?  If so, please share!

What’s in this “Box”?

In my last  four consulting engagements, I’ve been asked to help my client  ”Think out of the box.”   So we did.  We abandoned the old and ushered in something different–which was a successful strategy in all four cases.   But now I think I may have been too cavalier; had I approached this more thoughtfully, we may have been even more successful!

Read more

Should Zuckerberg ‘Unfriend’ Newark?

You may remember that about a year ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million to help improve the Newark public schools.  New developments, however, lead one to believe that something’s rotten in New Jersey (at least relative to the Zuckerberg grant)! Read more

Education, Obama style

Young people in the United States are falling behind their overseas peers in reading, math and science, President Barack Obama said recently, calling education reform an essential part of economic recovery.  Read more

The Digital Revolution and Higher Education

New data from the Pew Research Center indicate that many colleges and universities see the value in offering online education to students, as about 77% of institution presidents say their school now offers web-based classes. Specifically, online courses are available in about 89% of four-year public colleges and 60% of four-year private schools, according to the survey. Read more

A Provocative View of Online Learning

According to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center, about 39% of students who graduated from college in the past decade took at least one online class. Additionally, a majority of surveyed college presidents believe that this trend will not slow down any time soon. Read more

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