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Removing Barriers to Diabetes Treatment

The Diabetes Working Group, composed of representatives from various medical associations, recently released a white paper containing recommendations for addressing barriers that prevent providers from delivering appropriate care to patients with diabetes. Read more

Oh, Paula…What Were You Thinking?

I’m a huge fan of the Food Network.  I watch ‘em all…Chopped.  Iron Chef.  Good Eats.   And yes, sometimes I watch Paula Deen, the larger-than-life “Lady” of the Network.   She’s charming and witty and passionate about southern cooking.  She’s acquired a reputation for heavy, rich, fried southern dishes — cooking up a combination of almost anything with the most butter, cream, and/or sugar.  Preferably altogether and served in monster-sized portions.  So with some morbid curiosity, I’ve been following the saga of Paula’s announcement that she diabetes. And apparently was informed of her condition in 2008.

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