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Using LinkedIn to Reach Prospective Donors

Originally published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

To get the full benefit of LinkedIn for reaching prospective donors and board members, fundraisers need to be able to count on all of the people in their network, Anthony Pisapia told participants at a recent Nonprofit Technology Conference. Sometimes that means turning down invitations to connect—an idea that doesn’t come easily for fundraisers. Read more

Benefits of Telecommuting: A Visual Breakdown

Fast Company recently shared an infographic about the economic, geographic, and productivity of working from home.  See it here.

Seven myths about working from home

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the pros and cons of working from home.  Personally, although I telecommute, I don’t always work from home.  Sometimes I work from the public library or other space where I can interact with people in a quiet, but less isolating, way.  This week, an excellent Slideshare from writer and illustrator Veronica Maria Jarski, as part of the MarketingProfs educational content series.  This presentation is in response to the recent announcement from Yahoo’s CEO that remote working would no longer be allowed, and all employees would work at their regional offices.   You can view the slideshow here.



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