National Public Health Week

This week is National Public Health Week.  Start small, think big: We can make it happen!

Together, we can encourage more Americans and their communities to take preventive measures and help improve their lives. If we take small actions, our communities, households and families will see the large benefits of preventive care and grow the movement. Lifelong health starts not when health problems arise, but rather, through prevention. Every action can make a difference in a community. Join the movement during NPHW 2012 as we “start small, think big” and highlight what matters most. Begin by observing this year’s daily prevention themes:

Monday:  A healthier America begins with active living and healthy eating — Promote healthy choices in your communities, such as bike lanes and farmer’s markets.

Tuesday:  A healthier America begins with living tobacco- and drug-free and preventing alcohol abuse — Identify alcohol and drug use disorders early to reduce high-risk alcohol and drug consumption.

Wednesday: A healthier America begins with preventing communicable diseases — Encourage proper hand-washing and food preparation habits.

Thursday: A healthier America begins with reproductive and sexual health — Practice safe sex, encourage responsible contraception behavior and promote access to preventive health services.

Friday: A healthier America begins with mental and emotional well-being — Refer people with signs of depression and suicidal thinking to appropriate resources and help centers.

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