New report: “Trends in International Student Mobility”

I just read a new research report from World Education Services (WES) called  “Trends in International Student Mobility.” Written by Dr. Rahul Choudaha, director of WES Research & Advisory Services (RAS), the report provides an in-depth understanding of the trends and issues related to international student enrollment, helping institutional leaders and administrators make informed decisions and effectively set priorities for 2012 and beyond.
Dr. Choudaha’s research highlights several key trends and patterns of international student mobility, including:
  • While China and India are still too big to ignore,  other emerging countries include Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Mexico, and Brazil. Recruitment to these countries should also be cultivated not only for campus diversity purposes, but also as a de-risking strategy.
  • Non-traditional states in the U.S. witnessing significant growth, such as Montana, Oregon and Colorado
  • Enrollment growth at the Bachelor’s level and how it is outstripping growth at the Master’s and Doctoral levels
  • How English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are emerging as an important pathway to the U.S. for international students, most notably from Saudi Arabia
  • How institutions can become more prompt and efficient in achieving their recruitment goals, such as through the use of recruitment service providers and social media.

Dr. Choudaha’s blog Dr. Education is at  Dr. Education is one of my favorite blogs to read because it holds true to its description as it provides insights on international higher education and cross-functional and data-driven perspectives.


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