High-tech college admissions?

At the annual conference of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, a panel of high school seniors and college freshmen told counselors they didn’t want a tweet or text from a college, preferring a good old-fashioned phone call.

They cited the phone as being “a lot more personal,” provided counselors call outside of school hours, when they’d be more likely to answer.

The students were also turned off by the idea of colleges connecting with them on social networks like Facebook, suggesting it was an invasion of their personal time. “Seeing a college on Facebook, it’s like, you’re in my face, and I’d appreciate it if you weren’t,” explained one panelist.

One compromise: using an interactive Facebook group rather than a one-sided fan page.

As another way to utilize new tech while respecting students’ privacy, schools should be more reactive in their social media strategies, letting students start conversations and guide discussion.

Finally, the young panel revealed a more old-school mentality when it came to applications: They would absolutely not submit their applications via mobile devices. After all – they have computers.

How is your school integrating new tech into the admissions process? Tell us in the comments section…

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