A New (Free!) Tool to Assess Your School’s Technology Standing

With technology evolving at an astronomical rate, it’s not easy for school officials to keep up with the latest and greatest ed tech trends. This tool can help — and it won’t cost your school a dime!

The EdTech Locator is an online tool that helps schools assess their current ed tech standing, formulate an ed tech integration goal and achieve that goal by listing available resources.

Website visitors start by choosing the assessment that relates to their role in education:

  • teacher
  • administrator
  • tech coordinator, or
  • professional development coordinator.

The locator is broken out into three levels of technology implementation: early, developing and target.

After determining their school’s level of ed tech integration, school officials can click on the related resources tab to find additional tools that can help achieve their ed tech plans.

Do you know of any other tools to evaluate where you stand, technology-wise?  If so, please share!

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