They Like Us!!!

“Tonight we recognize your entrepreneurial spirit, your dedication to communicating our mission, your fundraising and stewardship and your work with our students here at Tufts. Thank you so much.” Irwin Rosenberg, Dean, Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy


“Jillian worked with us to resurrect our culinary arts program, update the curriculum, build new regional partnerships and reach out to potential students.  Within 18 months, the CA program was the most popular of our 2-year professional programs and enrollment increased more than twofold!  –Lloyd Safer, Eastern Maine Community College


“Jill worked with us on a rebranding project that was in a total state of disarray.  She stepped in, instituted a market research program, and helped us to recreate ourselves.  After evaluating our staff, she unexpectedly chose a  junior member of the team to manage the project, mentored him, and helped him build a project team.  The project was completed on time, under budget, and increased our fall enrollment by 26%.  Way to go, Jill!” –Jay Brown, Univ of Minnesota


“One of first things that impressed me about Jill was her commanding presence in senior management meetings. She is one of those rare individuals who is extremely articulate, yet speaks gently when making powerful statements. She is team-oriented and continually refocuses a group on the critical agenda.

Jill has an incredible ability to focus, and can achieve more in a few hours than most do in a week! Her intensity, intelligence, and experience could be intimidating, but she balances this with compassion and humor.  Jill has been a cornerstone contributor to our growth over the past 2 years.”–Amy Fineman, Food First.  


“Thank you for requiring that we blog during last semester’s class.  I’ve just been contacted by a CEO who’s been reading my blog; we met today and he’s hired me to do his company’s food and nutrition blog!  Thank you again!!!!–Meghan J, Tufts


“Jill is an amazing person with an incredible brain. She is bright, articulate, witty, and kind. She is a connector–of people, ideas, and information. She is a communicator–in print, online, and in person. She is a spark–igniting innovation, inspiring change and influencing for the good. She is a teacher–forging the path, mentoring those in need, and challenging everyone to be at their best.”--Julie Riley, Foundation for Informed Decision Making


“As a student volunteer with the Tufts school-based nutrition outreach program, I learned more in the field than I thought possible.  Jill’s innovative training program brought all the remote teams together once a month and helped us to evaluate ourselves as volunteers, as mentors to our young charges, and as professionals.  

She motivated us to think broadly and thoughtfully about our work and our futures.  I learned as much from her as I did from my fellow volunteers, and that experience became the cornerstone for my career as a health educator. ” — Jennifer Soames, MS, RD, Mayo Clinic


“It’s impossible to say ‘no’ to Jill.  She brings consensus where chaos previously reigned and makes you believe it was all your doing!   She’s magic….”--Sammi Robertson, Bailey’s Team


“Your workshop at AMWA (How to Write Measurable Program Objectives and Outcomes) gave me so much to think about!  From now on, I’m going to approach my program development in the manner you suggested–starting with the desired outcomes and moving backward.  It sounds counterintuitive, but your examples made it so clear to me.  I can’t wait to start!--Suzanne Morris, Life Science Communication


The class Jill taught on prospect research helped us so much with identifying new prospects for our first-ever major gifts initiative! We now have the tools we need to increase our prospects by at least 20%, just by knowing what to look for–and where.”– Idella Morris, Foundation for Children’s Welfare


“The workshop you gave on nonprofit ethics this past weekend was amazing!  You motivated me to go back to my agency and schedule a meeting with our ED to talk about how we can share this information with our board.”  --Amy Morse, Washington DC


“Jillian brings a wide array of skills to the fundraising and grant making table.  She is an outstanding, entrepreneurial thinker and communicator who asks all the right questions, and she approaches grant making in a very thoughtful and reasoned way.  She worked alongside us as a partner, trusted advisor, and friend–increasing our capacity and reach by more than 400%. ” -–Joan Shuler, Shuler Family Foundation


“When we need support in writing funding proposals for working with international NGOs, JSA is where we turn!”-–Leah C,


“Jill offered me the chance to be different from what I’ve known before—a person with possibilities, one where I can explore areas of my own talent, and one where I was heard and respected.”--Sam Hernandez, (formerly) Literacy First


“Jill Shuman?  An amazing grant writer and facilitator.  She coordinated and wrote a multisite grant for our primary care clinics by forcing us to focus on the task at hand, put aside competing priorities, articulate our mission, and really collaborate.  With her gentle coaxing and her ever-present sense of humor,  the six of us (including Jill) collaborated to produce a document that resulted in $1.2 million in corporate funding over 3 years. “--Harriet F, PhD (institution withheld) 


“Our small foundation hired  JSA to work with us in a consulting role.  After 6 months of working together we had a committed board of directors in place, had completed our first donor mailing,  met with key community leadership, and had received funding for our first three projects.   We are very pleased!”–Samantha Blake


“Thanks so much to Jill and her team for helping us to revise our on-line course recruiting materials to attract more international learners from the restaurant industry.”–C Drummond, Univ of New Hampshire


“I’ve been working with Jill  for over a decade; she is one of the most innovative thinkers I know. And thanks to her wide range of experience in many professional fields (academia, private sector business, nonprofits, and healthcare, to name just a few), she brings a level of knowledge and expertise to each project that is quite rare.  

But most of all, she is wonderful to work with on a personal level. Jill is a careful listener, has endless intellectual curiosity, and genuine enthusiasm about her work. She stimulates people and organizations to think creatively on a larger scale, resulting in better productivity and more interesting project results overall. “ –Michelle Badash, International Nutrition Foundation and Tufts University




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