Welcome to the weblog of JSA Consultants, established as an outgrowth of our commitment to working alongside nonprofits that support health, education and social justice initiatives among a diverse constituency.

We provide a full range of publishing, digital communications, marketing, executive management and fundraising counsel.  Our client list is eclectic and ranges from colleges and universities, Fortune 500 foundations, and major healthcare systems to a variety of small- to mid-sized nonprofit advocacy, social justice, educational, research, and academic organizations.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve worked alongside our partners to:

  • support organizational growth, transition and change 
  • build, implement, and test digital publishing initiatives
  • implement civic engagement and CSR programs
  • identify corporate and foundation support
  • write corporate and foundation grants
  • chapter building and recruitment
  • build, manage and evaluate on-site and remote work teams
  • build public will for civic engagement
  • mentor and train staff, board members, volunteers, and community partners
  • identify technology needs
  • develop marketing content, educational materials and collateral
  • recruit, train and retain staff, faculty and contractors
  • create and deliver educational conferences, programs and webinars
  • develop strategic communication and marketing programs, including competitive intelligence and branding
  • design public relations and marketing collateral
  • create third-party advocacy materials
  • mentor and train staff, board members, volunteers, and community partners
  • design social media strategies
  • provide pro-tem executive management services
  • provide consulting and content support for internal communication plans
  • write and edit professional publications
  • develop a culture of global sensitivity and awareness
  • identify and implement best practices
  • utilize technology to create fundraising and marketing initiatives
  • measure outcome  and evaluate the impact of health and education initiatives
  • leverage and mentor existing talent within an organization
  • write key opinion pieces, speeches, white papers, and op-eds
  • build media visibility and community support
  • integrate evaluation metrics alongside program development and strategic  planning
  • design innovative and revenue-generating educational opportunities
  • create impact networks and collaborative partnerships
  • increase revenue/decrease costs

We update our blog frequently as a forum to generate discussion about issues we care about: civic engagement; higher education and healthcare; academic publishing; ethical philanthropy; healthcare reform; volunteerism; cultural sensitivity; and creating policy change through organized community effort.

Please jump in and join the conversation.  We value your input.

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