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If You Bring Them, Help Them Succeed

Open Doors, a survey published annually by the nonprofit Institute for International Education, has just reported that approximately 723,277 international students were enrolled in U.S. institutions of higher education in 2010-2011.  Whether physically on campus or learning from a distance, there are native differences in learning and culture that can affect their overall academic experience.  Here are some ideas for ensuring that our international students have the best learning and social experiences possible.   Read more

When humanity transcends global politics

A recent Boston Globe story just blew me away.  Amid the usual uninspiring tales of  the fiscal cliff, famine in Africa, and the overuse of antipsychotics in elderly nursing home patients, today’s op-ed page featured a story of extraordinary human kindness.

It’s a story about a boy. But because the boy is Palestinian, his story is intertwined with geopolitics. The boy was born terribly ill. He got treatment, for years, at an Israeli hospital, financed largely by the Israeli government. And when Israeli doctors felt they couldn’t perform the complicated surgery he needed, they turned to Boston Children’s Hospital, and to a group of mostly Jewish benefactors.  They came together, across borders and boundaries, to save a boy — but they were also well aware of the statement they were making.   Read Joanna Weiss’  beautifully told story here:

Getting it Right Among Diverse Communities

An American friend works for an NGO that is building a health clinic in a remote area of South America.  The patients are older and many have chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, or heart disease.   The clinic is staffed by young physicians and healthcare providers who speak the local dialect.  Unfortunately, the adherence rate is much lower than anticipated and there has been no real improvement in patient outcomes.  What went wrong? Read more

Reimbursements for “Traditional Medicine”

Molina Healthcare, one of the two administrators of Utah’s Medicaid program, will now reimburse native American patients who choose to use the services of a traditional healer. Read more

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